Rumors about Vice President Xi Jinping

China‘s elite loses the wire to the people


By Kai Strittmatter, Beijing

Heart attack, strain in the back or is it a car accident? Even China’s Vice President Xi Jinping has been two weeks not shown in public – and no one knows why. The rumors about Xi not only demonstrate how isolated from the people of China officialdom rules: you show once again how fragile the power structure in the country has become.

Xi Jinping had a heart attack. Or not. He has a sprain suffered in the back, and while playing soccer. No, when swimming. He was the victim of a needled by his opponents traffic accident. Nonsense, he’s wonderful, he’s just no time for photo opportunities, because he works behind the scenes with all the force of reform, as China has not yet seen.

All this to say “initiated circles”. “High-ranking officials.” “Experts with good relationships.” “Family members”. Only those who were wondering, the say. China’s party and government are silent, Chinese people and the world in the dark.

Actually, only two things are clear: China’s estranged Vice President Xi Jinping will replace in the next few weeks his boss and give 1.3 billion Chinese people are therefore one of the most powerful men in the world. And he was nearly two weeks no longer seen in public, appointments has to burst, offset state guests.

Comeback of the “Kremlin Astrology”

And so it is the high hour of a guild that would be the downfall of the Soviet Union extinct already almost that but winters up in Beijing today: the Kremlin Astrology, with the word Kremlin must here be replaced by “Zhongnanhai”, because that in the designated idyllic neighborhood, part of the old palace gardens ruled by a caste of functionaries as hermetically sealed off from the people like the old imperial mandarin so geheimbündlerisch as at those times, because her party had to compete in the underground.

Simply: The party has been fighting for more than 60 years is no longer underground. She leads a country that has become the second largest economic power in the world, this is going to be a military colossus. A country that likes to call himself “modern.” In a world that is more and more intertwined. The Communist Party and many of their methods work in this world and in their own country, more and more anachronistic. The People’s Daily , the mouthpiece of the party, has a column that is called “This Day in History.” On Thursday, then on the 13th September 1971, remembers the day when that plane crashed in the Lin Biao was a long time close associate of Mao Zedong and the best propagandist. Fleeing to the Soviet Union It is now 41 years ago – and still no one knows what really happened.

Well possible that Xi Jinping has just sprained his back, a good chance that he will soon reappear, as if nothing happened. Very likely that his people and the world will never know afterwards, where he was in the days of his disappearance. With physical health and strength was made in China many times politics. Mao swam through the 1965 LongRiver since he was 72 and wanted to show everyone again, it was the start of the Cultural Revolution.

But where the lack of transparency, ruled not only the Kremlin Astrology foreign media now study the travel plans of the other leaders in military hospitals and on the alert, it ruled in their country of wild rumors and conspiracy theories. This week, the censors barred the popular microblogging service Sina Weibo following terms: back injury, crown prince, heir apparent, Vice President, and especially every denkliche only spelling of Xi Jinping itself Resourceful traveler presented a thousand times at once the question “Where is she?” (The English word “she” is pronounced like “Xi”).

It is not good for the KP. The party choreographers have threaded the upcoming leadership change at least five years ago, in 2007, they Xi chosen as the successor to Communist Party General Secretary Hu Jintao. And now just this year for which they wanted with all his might dictate “harmony” and “stability”, for them to annus horribilis: had murdered the first scandal involving the governor Chongqing Bo Xilai, the wife of a British businessman. And now the descent of Crown Prince Xi.

In both cases, the Communist Party tried to keep with censorship and secrecy control to create an agreeable to their reality, in both cases they taught so a lot of damage for himself. The party acts with its obsessive secrecy on more and more Chinese than they had fallen out of time.

Illusion of stability

You want to maintain the illusion of stability, but they achieved in terms of the Internet and globalization, the opposite: Those who follow the cat-and-mouse game of censorship and Internet users, provides no confidence in the party, but fear, uncertainty and cynicism. In March, according to Bo Xilai’s ouster, even rumors circulating on Weibo, in Beijing were armored ascended.

And also for the admirers of the Chinese economic miracle, the cases are a reminder that Beijing does not govern reliable institutions, but a system, the lack of any transparent mechanisms for economic and political decision-making processes. For many connoisseurs of the Chinese miracle, writes the Financial Times , “the country and the system seem so fragile and so fragile than ever in the last decade.”






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