Active Philosophy


This will help structure the foundation of Active Philosophy, taken from Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason:

“Accordingly the Transcendental Analytic leads to this important conclusion, that the most of the understanding can achieve a priori is to anticipate the form of a possible experience in general.  And since that which is not appearance cannot be an object of experience, the understanding can never transcend those limits of sensibility within which alone objects can be given to us.  Its principles are merely rules for the exposition of appearances; and the proud name of an Ontology that presumptuously claims to supply, in systematic doctrinal form, synthetic a priori knowledge of things in general (for instance, the principle of causality) must, therefore, give place to the modest title of a mere Analytic of pure understanding…”

So what are the consequence of Kant’s ideas?

At the time, his words were significant in dismissing intractible…

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