Paint By Numbers

The Importance of an Experience

At first, Nathan Shedroff’s “Experience Design” gave me the “information anxiety” he warns can be lessened by further insight. However, I quickly began to appreciate his focus on the experience as being at the core of what media has to offer. According to Shedroff, “all experiences are important.” If that’s true, we should probably make sure the experience is a good one for our audience. So how to we do this? Shedroff argues the way we design and organize information changes the message behind this said experience. So, let’s focus on one factor that helps us better connect with our audience: interactiveness.

The Interactive Experience

One way in which to enhance a viewer’s experience is to make it more personal and interactive. According to Shedroff, one should always treat their audience as a participant to enable and increase the following:

  • Feedback
  • Control
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Communication

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