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Sexual Diversion: Cybersex

Virilio focuses on how technology has made cybersex and pornography an accessible and often desired part of life. In my opinion, he seems to imply that technology is solely to blame. However, the world has always been a sexually fascinated one, and you can see this with art, which has always served as a means for pornography to surface. You can see it as early as 22,000 BC sculptures, to the 1400’s Birth of Venus by Botticelli, to Ingres‘ scandalous Grand Odalisque.

No matter what the time period, there has always been a fascination with what Virilio calls “the object-woman”, but also with sex. Technology, however, has provided new and more accessible ways to fulfill sexual desires, and Virilio claims that this cybersex technology will ultimately distance us completely. For example, he talks about the data suit innovation that “orchestrates sexual sensations” as…

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