tod worner

“The Spirit of Man has been a stumbling block for all systematic philosophers of science.”

 – Louis Bredvold

     Louis Bredvold, in his brief and masterful work The Brave New World of theEnlightenment, asks two fundamental questions: “What is Natural Law & what are its alternatives?”. Why does this question matter? Put simply, it addresses whether our lives are guided by a Universal Divine Truth or by the arbitrary laws of man. Bredvold eloquently answers this vital question in three thoughtful steps. First, he defines what Natural Law is. Second, he articulates the arguments made by the greatest Enlightenment thinkers against the concept of the Natural Law. Finally, he presents the sharp and grounded rebuttal to this Enlightenment thought by the eminent Irish thinker and politician, Edmund Burke.

     So what, exactly, is Natural Law? As Bredvold describes it, we must start with the notion…

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