By Word Of Mouth

When you ask a dentist what really gets them excited, you can bet good money that teeth are what makes their world turn. However, chances are that saliva is a darn close second on the list. In the dentist’s view, good ‘ole spit is one of the most important secretions in the body; when the salivary glands are working properly, oral health and the general health of the body are benefited. When the various saliva secreting glands in the body are impaired, many dangerous and undesirable consequences usually occur.

Xerostomia is the term applied to various levels of dry mouth. Patients who experience a dry mouth often suffer from a wide range of afflictions including mouth sores, bad breath and digestion difficulties. Saliva, that wonderful slippery stuff in your mouth, protects against gum disease and cavities, fungal infections and cracked and peeling lips. It also aids in swallowing and speaking. It…

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