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I can’t help feeling that I was a little unfair to Douglas Hofstadter in my last post, so as these were hypothetical letters, I will travel back in time, and send two more, enquiring whether a reductionist or a holistic approach is the better way to approach questions of Life, the Universe and Everything. Here is the text of both hypothetical letters:

Most Excellent Wordsmith,

Holism or reductionism?

Master of the (not (just) an) Excel WordPress-blog

On this occaision I suspect that Douglas Adams would have decided to answer the question in the form of a full length book, called The Trout of Indecision, but being unable to decide whether it should be yet another addition to the Hitchhiker’s Trilogy (with the theme of not being able to see the school for all the fish), or a Dirk Gently story (with the theme that there are interconnections between all things…

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