Consolation in East Africa

Mike Mungai


“After a long, tedious and bloody struggle for self governance,Kenya achieved independence on the 12th of December 1963. The struggle for independence arose from a combination of several factors. The British settlers through the colonial government had forcefully and without compensation taken and occupied the most fertile lands, they had forced the local populations to work on theirnewly established farms, the colonial government had imposed hut system of taxation on the local population, and introduced the “kipande” system. These and other acts of exploitation of the Kenyan nationals in the guise of “bringing civilization,” led to the growth of trade unions and political groupings.

Even before the British had settled, they were countered by individuals such as Mekatilili wa Menza at the Coast and Koitalel arap Samoei in the interior. Later on, there emerged individuals such as Harry Thuku, Tom Mboya, Jomo Kenyatta, Bildad Kaggia, Achieng Oneko, Jaramogi…

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