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KuhnThomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, U of Chicago Press, 1962 (1996).

In this small but influential book, Kuhn tries to perform two tasks at the same time: writing a history of science and making a theory on scientific revolutions. In some sense, the latter could be a result of the first task, but reversely, his revolutionary historiography provides a new vision on the history of science. Though his ultimate goal is to investigate and theorize the structure of scientific revolution, his argumentation would be only a hypothesis without the exemplary historical episodes integrated with his theory.  

Kuhn’s investigation on scientific revolution and paradigm theory might be articulated and summarized in several ideas and procedures following his arguments:

1)     Science does not develop by the accumulation of individual discoveries and inventions. The idea that science (or society) develops based on accumulated knowledge or material…

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