Zak Slayback

42d5e838-0dac-11de-a10d-0000779fd2acOver at the Students For Liberty blog, I recently published my second post in a series of four (part of a larger series) covering social justice. In it, I elucidate upon Friedrich Hayek’s opposition to social justice, primarily on consequentialist grounds. Hayek reaches the conclusion, much like Nozick, that in order to create a patterned society, one must either remove human beings of their inherent differences (thus removing any ability for liberty), or continually re-pattern society, a conclusion that Hayek says would lead a liberal society down the road to tyranny.

This is akin to Adam Smith’s “Man of System” from the Theory of Moral Sentiments. The Man of System, like the Man of Social Justice, looks to organize and pattern society in such a way that he finds fit, even if others object to it. Such a patterning would require that people are removed from their places in society…

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