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How the political left has attempted to use Christian teachings to justify collectivism and communist takeover


What is liberation theology?  Liberation theology (LT) is, in brief, a particular strain of Marxist ideology that, in its heyday, attempted to use Christianity as a justification for collectivization and, in some cases, armed revolution.  LT traces its earliest seeds to the ideas and activities of Catholic missionaries in colonial Latin America, “churchmen who questioned the type of presence adopted by the church and the way indigenous peoples, blacks, mestizos, and the poor rural and urban masses were treated” (Boff).   As Latin American countries slowly industrialized, there arose a renewed interest in the causes of the vast socioeconomic inequality that was—and still is—pervasive across the Latin American periphery.

While Latin America proceeded along a generally capitalistic path of development, the realities associated with post-colonialism had created a situation in which many…

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