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**** 4 of 5 Stars

Volume Two was really slow compared to Volume One.  The first 80% is Churchill warning and whining, warning and whining, and warning and whining about Nazi Germany. I got the point in Volume One.  This volume was also repetitive.  I heard the same stories, jokes, and points two, three, and even four times.  However, the last 20% was a page-turner; it covers Churchill’s role as Lord of the Admiralty at the beginning of WWII.

I also read the last third of Gilbert’s biography so I could read about Churchill during World War II and his later years (Manchester died before he could write Vol 3).  All in all, I thought Manchester did a more colorful and playful job of capturing Churchill than Gilbert.  But Churchill and WWII was a fascinating story.

FAVORITE LIFE LESSON:   “Play fairly from strength.” This could be the thesis…

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