United Methodeviations

hear-no-evil_see-no-evil_speak-no-evilHere is one of my old guy rants that may sound like “what’s wrong with the younger generation?”, but in fact is a “what’s wrong with our leaders?”  I stop for coffee just about every morning at a local shop, and while it is always busy, it is still a comfortable and cozy spot.  This morning, however, a youth group had taken over the main area, pushing tables together and pulling all the available chairs to their enclave (even though half of them were empty).  The noise level from this table was overwhelming, drowning out casual conversation and making it all but impossible to read (which is my normal ritual).  These things I found mildly annoying, but what really blew me away was what the young people were saying, the attitude behind the words, and most appalling of all, the complicity of the middle-aged youth leader sitting with them.

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