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Is there anybody who is NOT sick of seeing drug commercials on TV? Can I see a show of hands? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Right. I didn’t think so.

Psychologists are trying to capitalize on that sentiment with an ad campaign launched last week that parodies these annoying TV spots and promotes a more drug-free approach to treating depression and anxiety — psychotherapy.

Antidepressants and anxiety drugs have become the most popular way to treat these problems over the last 10 years. True, many people shy away from talk therapy and find the idea of popping a pill more attractive. No muss no fuss. But it’s also cheaper for insurance companies to pay for an occasional visit to a primary care physician who will prescribe a medication for the problem rather than a course of talk therapy sessions that may go on weekly for months.

Psychiatrists don’t have time for psychotherapy…

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