Randy Smandych

Have you heard about this… and no, I’m not talking about checking out of a hotel.  Although the concept in it’s most simplistic form is the same.

I'm Outta HereWhat I’m referring to is checking out of the norm, checking out of the societal expectations, and checking out period.  If you have read the book Atlas Shrugged, you’ll understand this.  The first line of the book is  “Who is John Galt?“.  A question that gets answered, but only once you are about 2/3rds the way through the some 1000 pages.  In effect John Galt checked out.  He saw what the societal/governmental expectations were and he decided to checked out.  He decided that no longer was he going to play by the rules.  Rules he thought made no sense, but also that confined him in such a way that it stifled his creativity and freedoms.  He instead took that energy and those ideas…

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