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TOBEY_MAGUIRE_SPIDERMANA common issue that most people face is trying to recall how much money they have lost over a lifetime. When somebody loses they tend to think ,“I’ve just lost $500”, when instead, they should be thinking “I’ve just lost another $500. I am now down $x…[replace with total loss]”.

It’s quite easy – and scary – to estimate how much you’ve lost since you first started gambling.

To do this you ask yourself ‘How many years have I been playing?’ If, for example, the answer is 10, you divide this into 3-4 periods of time – say, year 1, years 2-4, years 5–7, years 8–10.  You then estimate how much you would have lost on a weekly basis and multiply it by 52 to work out roughly how much you would have lost in a year. You then add this up for each year and you will have a rough…

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