Hubris is excessive pride and overconfidence of the hero that causes his downfall and the downfall of others associated with him. In Greek literature, the hubris of the hero often causes him to overestimate his abilities and make careless mistakes. This pride causes the hero to disregard the gods and think he is better than them. The hubris of the hero offends the gods. The offended gods usually punish the hero, which leads to their downfall.

The hubris of Odysseus and his men leads them to make many careless mistakes. After Odysseus meets the Phaecians, he tells the story of his journey home from Troy. First, his ship took him to Ismarus, the city of the Cicons. At this location he and his men sacked the town, killed the people and stole all of their goods. They should have left Ismarus at this point, but instead Odysseus and his man…

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