Delving Into the Transcendental

Shadows & Dust

Following is an opinion piece which also includes research on transcendental philosophy. I apologize in advance for any instances of theological misinterpretation. Do comment if you have a correction for me, it is much appreciated.

I recently came across a website which I found striking. Its working slogan is “Global Oneness; Co-creating a Happy World.” Although simplistically stated, this seems to a very common desire for the contemporary world. After all, what is wrong with a united world? Fundamentally, nothing at all, although it could be argued that such a thing can never be achieved. A cosmic humanist, on the other hand, might disagree, for he would perceive man as having “virtually unlimited potential” (New Age Dictionary). Many of these cosmic humanists adhere to transcendentalism, which is an umbrella philosophy for a variety of Eastern ideas. The disconnect between those ideas and more Western ones begs the question: What is…

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