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Diffusion of Light


This week I attended back-to-back meetings in New Orleans (Complete College America) and Boston (the College Board), banking more miles and a couple of crash courses in the state of higher ed.

The Complete College America meeting was a pep rally for the states participating in that part of the national effort to produce more degrees.  CCA touted its attention-grabbing report from a year ago called “Time Is the Enemy,” plus a more recent screed on remediation.  However shrilly delivered, their points were well taken, and well received.  My favorite:  we could use more stackable degrees.

The thinking behind this goes:  Don’t put students through remediation, or through GE, ahead of pre-professional training.  Instead put all three side-by-side, at every step.  It contextualizes the broad learning, it makes the basic skills feel purposeful, and it enriches understanding in the major.  And not incidentally, it assures…

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