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MARK HOLTZMAN aka SILENT BEAR likes to take excerpts from email exchanges he has with others, and though we haven’t exchanged any only fitting I would do the same nonetheless. 

I think of it as poetic justice.      

“Yes, I’m well aware of the history of the LPDC/LP-DOC. That’s why I stay on the periphery and work with Leonard directly and plan events.”

Interesting isn’t it when viewed in the context of an attempted  belated comment he made in the blog as cited below:

“P.S- The answer to your question is no. I never received money from the sources that you sited other than covering of expenses for certain LP-DOC events that i organized and put on.”

Now since the “sources” I inquired about included LPDOC, AIM, Crow Dog ,etc it seems pretty clear cut that LPDOC at least has “reimbursed” him. Hey, and why not?-he works hard for his money.

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