LSD and Other Mistakes

Symon Sez

On This Date In History: In 1938,  Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman was fooling around with synthetically made lysergic compounds as he researched their effects. On this date in 1943, he somehow accidentally ingested lysergic acid diethylamide. He noticed strange sensations and hallucinations after he went home. He had “discovered” LSD. In the 1960’s, intellectuals like Timothy Leary publicly touted the drug as “mind expanding.” Trouble was, often the drug resulted in very very unpleasant and dangerous effects that resulted in all sorts of undesirable mischief and even suicides and such. It was made illegal in 1965. All in all, the mistake in 1943 was probably one the world could have done without.  Here is a history as described by Dr. Hoffman.

On this date in 1947, a mistake at the port in Texas City, Texas resulted in disaster(see slide show and local history). The details of this…

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