When you have nothing to run on you lie and lie and lie; just ask President Obama and his band of Lefties

The Liberal Bilge

Obama is a pathological liar with no decency, ethics, honesty or honor. If he was on the Titanic he would push the women and children aside to get into the lifeboat first.  Our communist media so far in the tank with Obama that I worry how they come up for air.

The left would be nothing without ignorance, stupidity, hatred and fear. If you don’t think fear applies just look at how the Unions have been stirred up in Wisconsin, there a lot of other examples.

So now more of us know what some of us have known for a long time, the truth about who and what the left is, and unfortunately what most of the Democrats and some Republicans have become. There is no limit to how low the left will go to get what they want, even if it means a scorched earth. I guess the lessons…

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