Money, money, money, or, “Greed is good”

Readers' Salon

Making it, spending it, needing it. It’s on the news and in commercials, game shows, and reality shows. Some days it seems money is all anybody talks about. Well, that and the weather.

The world is still struggling with the financial crisis triggered in 2008, so it is quite fitting that the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre is exploring themes of money, greed, and corruption with a remounting of Other People’s Money, a satire on the excess of the 1980s by Jerry Sterner.

In the business world, corporate takeovers are the ultimate seduction. Larry the Liquidator preys on companies that are worth more dead than alive and he’s set his sights on the aging New England Wire and Cable Company. As he prepares to play monopoly with people’s lives, Larry realizes this family business has more game – and heart – than he anticipated.

If the financial ridiculousness of the…

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