Facilitation Workshop Notes


[ Hi Folks – These are the notes I (Kat) took during the facilitation workshop we had before winter break. They formatted themselves a little funny but I’m not sure how to edit them. Please let me know if they need clarifying ]


“What is consensus & How does it work?”
An informal facilitation workshop with Stephan Fink and Jillian Quinn Buckley of Occupy Wall Street



  • got in two groups, gave us the question: what would make you feel more comfortable in this space? to get accustomed to process
  • reviewed hand signals: spirit fingers, block
  • in facilitation – during review, she asked to hear from female-bodied folks since people who had spoken were both men

Ground Rules

  • active listening/internalizing
  • step up/step back: if you’re speaking a lot, sometimes step back and vise versa
  • be aware of voice volume
  • be aware of time limits
  • be present
  • progressive stack:…

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