The Anatomy of Decision and other completely related things

Vomiting Diamonds

Turning away from the deathly dull world of politics, here are some important facts:

samuel and andre

  1. Did you know Samuel Beckett, the author of immortal lines such as ‘the sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new’ (itself a play upon the bible, of all things) played two first-class cricket games for Dublin University in 1925 and 1926? His top score was just 18, but he possessed a ‘gritty defence’.
  2. Did you know Samuel Beckett used to drive Andre the Giant, of wrestling fame, to school everyday in France? Yes, that Andre the Giant, 7 foot plus tall and couldn’t really wrestle or speak English too well (I could never really understand what he said during those melodramatic interviews, but he possessed a wicked grin). Beckett knew Andre’s father, who helped him build his cottage, and so to repay the gift Beckett drove an already oversized Andre to school everyday in…

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