Geometry: Starting Off


The first day or two of geometry is always point line plane. We never really use it again. Geometry has mostly been subordinated to algebra in high school, as I’ve written before, and my geometry class is best thought of as algebra applications with geometry. Or is it the other way round? Purists see geometry as the medium for introducing proofs, logic, and construction. To which I say pish tosh. Most of them are never going to see those subjects again. “But if they don’t learn rigorous logic in geometry, they won’t be able to learn advanced math!” Yeah, that’s moronic nonsense. What is “solve for x”, if not a proof?

But I love history, so I always start by telling them to put their pencils down and just listen as I explain the significance of Euclid’s Elements and the wonder of a book written 2300 years ago. Three…

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