Calvinism’s Bold Accusation – The Making of a Calvinist

Kingdom Theology

Update: I am reposting this post because I beleive it is accurate as far as it goes, and does address the issue as to why some people are theologically intimidated into accepting Calvinism as the Faith that was once for all handed down to us. But I do wish that when I wrote it my tone would have been more gracious. I have tried to re-word it as best as possible to soften the tone. But ultimately I will have to rely on my Calvinist brethren to give me (as they read it) the grace I failed to give them when I originally wrote it almost a decade ago. And I hope that they will keep in mind I am talking about the theological system, not those that hold it. 

A humble and hungry disciple is a wonderful thing in God’s kingdom. They are humble not because they have no…

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